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Annual maintenance contract for 21 electronic interlocking (ei) systems of m/s medha make, provided at gly, babr, shnr, fm, bdvl, ur, tmx, mbnr, dtp, gjwl, mdk, jcl, jktp, jkar, mndk, mrkl, med, bmo, gdpl, ake &amp mob stations in hyderabad division for a period of two years.
For complete deion and other details, please refer to tender
Organisation Ministry of Railways | Central Govt. Ministry/Department
Tender Id 74716092
Tender Fee 0
EMD 3.34 Lakh
Tender Value
Place Secunderabad
Link https://www.ireps.gov.in/ireps/works/pdfdocs/072024/74716092/viewNitPdf_4543737.pdf
End Date

10/07/2024 ( Expired 13 days ago )

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