Discover how our tender portal can meet your business needs - learn how to effectively navigate and utilize this platform


Register/ Signup on the tender portal To access various advanced valuable features of the tender portal, you need to register yourself as a subscriber.


search Tenders, once you have registered on the portal, you can search for the relevant tenders based on your business needs/domain, turnover, capabilities, location, and other criteria.


Analyse the tender documents thoroughly and understand the scope of work, timelines, evaluation criteria, and terms and conditions. Ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and have the necessary resources to execute the project.


Visit the official Publisher of the tender as per the official link shown in the search result and locate the official tender link as per the tender id/ tender reference shown in the search result. Here again you need to register your company as a bidder, with a valid class 3 tender class DSC (Digital signature certificate)


Prepare and submit the bid accordingly. This includes providing all the necessary documents and filling out the bid form. Ensure that you comply with all the terms and conditions mentioned in the tender documents.


Monitor the tender process: After submitting the bid, monitor the tender process regularly. This includes checking the portal for any updates or amendments to the tender documents and attending any pre-bid meetings or site visits.


Participate in the bid opening: On the day of the bid opening, participate in the process either in person or through a video conference. This will give you an idea of your competition and the bid price range.


Follow up with the tendering authority: After the bid opening, follow up with the tendering authority to know the status of your bid. If your bid is successful, you can proceed with the next steps as per the tender documents.


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